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Octopin does not only give insights in our activities on Pinterest and Instagram.
By using advanced image recognition technology it is a first way to deal with the challange of analyzing visuals. Octopin gives us a complete picture of our social presence on the visual web.

We find your images without brand mention!

With our advanced image recognition technology we analyze +250.000.000 images per day from Pinterest and Instagram. This allows us to find content related to your brand without a brand mention in a description or hashtag. Providing you with a complete picture of your presence on the visual web.

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Curate visual content

Based on your settings and filters we offer you a massive library from quality and proven content which can be used to complement your original, created content without a huge additional investment of time and money.

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Schedule and publish your content

With our publishing tools you can easily upload your content in bulk and schedule your campaign on your calendar. We will advice you the best time and days to publish your content to reach your target audience.

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Measure your performances


We provide you with the right insights about your most engaging content and overal presence on the visual web: Interactions, impressions, reach and other KPI's. Learn what works for your target audience to optimize your content strategie.


It's time to learn everything about your audience. We identify influencers, brand advocates and provide details about their age, gender en geographical location.


With our image recognition technology we associate your referral revenue from Pinterest and Instagram with real products. Allowing you to optimize your ecommerce strategy.


Octopin compares your performances with your competitors activities on Pinterest and Instagram. Giving you a better understanding which content works for them and how they reach their target audience.

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About us

A year ago Octopin was founded by it's founding CEO Wouter Nuytten. We believe that existing solutions often don't provide brands a complete picture of their social media presence. While the web is becoming more visual we believe that more and more online conversations happen through images.

Existing solutions use text-based technologies to detect brand mentions in a description or a hashtag. They lack to provide all the necessary insights because their data is incomplete without all the visual conversations. We believe we can fix that! We use image recognition technology to 'read' millions of images per day with the aim to find content related to a brand without the brand was mentioned in a description or hashtag. Our platform provides the brand with a complete text and visual picture of their social media presence so they can put their brand forward, effectively and efficiently increase traffic and boost sales!

Octopin has an office in Antwerp (BE), currently looking to expand our existing team with great people.

Join our great team! We're hiring!

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Sales Executive Belgium Click here
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Front-end Engineer/Designer Belgium (Coming soon)
Marketing manager Belgium (Coming soon)
PR/Community manager Belgium (Coming soon)
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